Player Characters

Vakoro – A large white dragonborn deathknight who wields an executioner’s axe.
Landis – A sly human ranger who uses a crossbow to hamper his foes.
Juju – A peaceful black half-elf druid who works with his bear Ronnie to keep the world in balance with nature.
Fisher – A grizzled older half-orc sea-captain whose prized possession is his mutable weapon, Bolg.
Cyrus – A young warlock who studied his craft with the Violet Eye.

Characters Met Thus Far

Thomas – The Imperial jailor who lost his life when the PCs made their midnight escape.

Greg – The innkeeper who welcomed Ronnie and the Belongings to return whenever and uses their band as a selling point for his inn.

Barry – Vakoro’s longtime friend and roommate in Aurulos. Offered answers to the beleaguered group of PCs that came to visit on the morning after their jailbreak.


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